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Electromagnetic pollution also called; (EMF) exposure can happen anywhere. In fact, the spread of EMF – Electromagnetic Pollution – is so wide spread, that it can come from many surprising sources.  The EMF pollution inside your home easily make its way around your home through the small appliances and other common items in a household. But that doesn’t take into account all of the ambient EMF and radio waves that penetrates our lives on a daily basis.

Highest Quality EMF Canopy

Made Of 100% Silver Woven Fabric

Essential Wellness Shielding

The Most Preferred EMF Canopy

You don’t have to get rid of all the appliances in your home. EMF shielding makes it possible for you and everyone in your home to sleep with EMF safely. Investing in quality EMF protection is one of the best things you can do for you and your family. A emf canopy is the first line of defense, when it comes to getting a good nights restorative sleep and waking up refreshed, without the dreaded EMF hangover, that many people suffer from. A emf canopy can be your first line of defense – it blocks EMF over your entire body, as you sleep

COMPLETE COVERAGE FROM WiFi & CELL TOWER EMF – The specially designed emf silver mesh fabric offers the best protection against WiFi, 5G, Ambient and other emf pollution. The highest quality silver mesh shielding ensures a EMF shielded environment for you and your family.

RadioFrequency Jammer - 100 Watt

Protective and Effective

Advanced EMF Shielding Technology

Anti RF Signal Access

Get A Good Nights Sleep

There are a few different reasons why someone might need to use a EMF bed canopy; the body can tolerate many stresses to the immune system for a while before it reacts. However, electromagnetic radiation exposure is cumulative. And at some point, your body may just cross over the line, as to what it can no longer handle. Once that cross over point has been reached, a person can experience all kinds of reactions or symptoms such as; headaches, sleeping issues, anxiety, heart palpitations, tinnitus, middle ear pain and all sort of other reported issues.

We all know that some people are more sensitive than others. And we know that an ounce of prevention may be more important than a pound of cure. The thin silver mesh fabric is very soft to touch while the transparency of the mesh fabric, prevents any claustrophobic feelings while resting or sleeping.

Health Benefits Of A EMF Canopy:

  • Reduces exposure to EMF
  • Insures no minor sleep issues
  • Protects against harmful EMF when sleeping
  • Guard against over exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • EMF canopy shielding works while you sleep

Attribute Benefits:
Product Name: Essential Wellness EMF Silver Shield
Effectiveness: Shields 99% of EMF/EMI/RF
Material: 100% Fine Silver Woven Mesh Fiber Fabric
Application Usage: EMF/EMI/RF Shielding Bed Canopy
Rated: Conductive, Anti-EMF, Antibacterial, Anti-static
Shielding Rating: 40-50DB
Model: Bed Canopy EWSA001
Color: Silver Bone/Grey/Shell Grey
Type: Rectangular Canopy/ Circular Canopy
Style: Single door/Double door
Door Opening: 1 / 2 Door opening
Available Sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King size
Gross Weight: 2 lbs

EMF Blocking Capability
2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, GPS1, GPS2, UHF, VHF, LoJack, Etc..

The continuous EMF fighting attributes of the EMF Silver Shield, keeps various harmful signals at bay, including those from the WiFi routers, cell phones, and other common household devices.

Distinctive Qualities:
In addition to the many health benefits of blocking out EMF rays, the canopy brings a distinct touch of class and luxury to the bedroom. Whether tied open or left to hang over the bed throughout the daytime hours, the emf canopy will make your bed a focal point of the room. As such, your bedroom will instantly feel fit for royalty while helping the room to appear distinctive and brighter.


Care Instructions:
While you do need to take care with the canopy due to the fine thin mesh fabric. The silver mesh fabric is made to provide many years of durable continuous usage, and the emf shielding properties are not lost due to washing or ironing. It is best to hand wash the mesh fabric with a gentle dish washing type of soap and allow the fabric to hang dry or gentle ironing with a very low heat setting.

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64 reviews for EMF Canopy – King Size

  1. Andrea M.

    I bought this Zen hair remover, to use instead of constant visits to the electrologist during the pandemic for my stubborn facial hairs, and I was happy to try it for everywhere else on my body. I usually have to wax for the summer. This device has been wonderful and I am cleaning out my cabinet of the waxing stuff. It takes about 5 minutes for my legs, arms, underarms and face. I did follow the instructions for shaving. But using it once a week has slowed and almost stopped my hair growth. And its not painful like waxing, because of the Ice Laser Technology in this device. Also, it’s definitely easier to do, and much cheaper in the long run, than the electrologist. I really needed this Zen ice laser hair removal device.

  2. Annie L.

    A really good almost permanent hair removal solution for me. I waited for 4 weeks to write this review and to make sure it worked well with no side affects for me. I’m happy to report that this works great for me. I have olive skin with dark, thick, black hair. And I am going to continue with the IPL treatments. It’s been so well worth it.

  3. Joanne H.

    Zen is a beautiful laser hair remover and after reading some reviews here and on countless sites, I decided to try this, figuring it would work for me and even if it didn’t work for me, I would sell it to someone else who’d maybe have much more luck. I was a little uncertain the first 2 weeks, because the hair growth seemed almost the same but I knew to maybe expect that, from some reviews. I also wondered if I was using it correctly. I did shave right before treatment of the area, once a week. Then I realized a week ago that the leg hairs was a lot shorter and much thinner than was normally expected after that length of time. As I write this review, it’s been about 48 hours since I shaved my legs and there isn’t any stubble and it’s actually very smooth! While that may be sort of normal for a lot of people, it’s not normal for me. I’m bowled over. I know there are also disappointed reviews, so I would think it’s maybe a case of ‘your mileage can vary’ type of situation. Good luck and be patient!

  4. Dorothy H.

    A 100% nice investment and great laser hair remover. I am
    5 weeks in and I’ve decided to go ahead and write a preliminary review of the product, having had it about 5 weeks now; I’ll try to remember to update this after a couple more weeks. My long story short, is that this device absolutely appears to be working very well. And I am fair skinned, with darker, fast growth lower leg hairs. It’s long been my source of insecurity for me because I felt like I couldn’t wear shorts or skirts because, although I’d shave the first thing in the morning, by that evening, my legs would already be kind of prickly. Also my hair follicles were always noticeable. It’s not the end of the world, but it was something I really disliked. My results are very promising.

  5. Gabriela W.

    This Zen laser hair remover is a great investment for me. I shall continue on to the treatment of my underarms soon, because now that I need reading glasses it’s harder to see what I’m doing. But I’m happy that I got the other areas done and out of the way.

  6. Yvonne R.

    I had laser hair removal done about 7 years ago on my face and liked it. It lasted and the hair had never grown back. I had always waxed and was just getting tired of it all, and I wanted to get more laser done on my legs and under arms and bikini. I didn’t really want to spend the money because it can get costly, very quick so I researched some laser removal devices. I really researched the reviews I read and this Zen brand came up many times. And for the price, it was middle of the road, and each review mentioned that it can be used on the entire body and came with a 3 in 1 lamp Ice cooling head. It also has a skin sensor to identify your skin color and 5 energy levels of regular to extra gentle. I have used it twice already and am impressed. If feels, smells, and works just like when I had it professionally done. It says to shave prior to the session. I did and completed the area under my arms, and my hair had hardly grew back in a week which really impressed me with the one use. I also like that the laser will not work unless it is placed correctly on my skin. I have used it twice so far and truly have seen a big difference even with my thick, dark hair. I am anxious to see what happens to my very thick hair, in 4-8 weeks, since that is the recommended time frame for my weekly sessions.

  7. Karena L.

    I was a bit undecided because I have very light hair. My skin tone was a great match but you can barely see my hair because it is very fine and light. I did a test for 2 weeks and waxed both of my arms then used the machine only on one. The next week, I barely had any hairs on the one arm, on which I used the device. The next week was the same. It worked well on the first session for me and I did not have any irritation at all from it. I used to go to a salon where they did laser hair removal and my skin just could not take it. I did three sessions at the Salon and was done. Those three sessions cost me about the same as this little device. I am very pleasantly surprised. And I definitely recommend it. Much darker skin tones are a little more difficult. I tried it on my boyfriend who’s much darker than me, and his hairs were more difficult to fall out.

  8. Racheal S.

    I just got this and have only used it for three weeks. This Zen laser hair remover, is easy to use and does not hurt. I read the instructions and watched some videos about it and read a ton of reviews before I starting. Honestly, it’s much easier than you can imagine. It does auto test the skin tone and adjusts the flash accordingly. I also bought a white eye liner pencil to cover up my moles and also made a grid line on my legs so I could remember where I had flashed the laser. My results have been spectacular this far in and am continuing until week 8, based on my results so far and wanting to just get it all to the point where everything is gone, for good.

  9. Patricia F.

    I’m very impressed with my new Zen laser hair remover
    And I know my hairs will pop up again in a year, but much fewer in quantity, but so what! That’s why I bought this device, to maintain my hair over growth areas.

  10. Dawn F.

    I really like this Zen laser hair remover but it’s been a little clumsy in some areas, for me to trigger the zaps, and I think that’s because they want you to make it sort of hard to accidentally zap yourself, when you look right into it. I have accidentally zapped myself once before, without closing my eyes, so be careful. And use the protective eye glasses, which I always now use. It takes some practice to get the angle right, so I recommend practice with it, while unplugged first.

  11. Tania F.

    I am in love with this Zen Ice laser hair remover machine and as for discomfort or burns, the Ice laser technology takes care of that, so I have not burned myself, but it may happen if staying on any area too long. It zaps but just keep it moving along and it’s fine. If you have a lot of moles or birth marks, in the hairy areas it could maybe burn there, so keep that in mind, and use a white eye-liner pencil to block over a mole or birth mark.

  12. Maria W.

    I am very prone to ingrown hairs from waxing and I seriously couldn’t take it any more. And I do have scarring from all the ingrown hairs and I’m honestly grateful that this Zen laser hair remover has helped with that, so far. Now I have to get rid of the rest of the lingering unwanted hairs on my legs for good. I will update this more, later and see how it goes from the 2nd week onwards. If you don’t see an update, assume it has worked pretty well, because If it don’t I would definitely be sending it back and to warn people not to buy it! But the results and the relief from ingrown hairs, has been really good up to this point.

  13. Jennifer E.

    I am really happy with this Zen ice laser hair remover device. I’ve done 4 IPL treatments on my bikini area with this device, which is the area that my bikini bottom doesn’t cover, since I’m not going for full Brazilian look, but so far my hair growth has slowed down immensely and seems to be coming in much more sparsely with every treatment. So, in the 7 days between treatment I don’t have to shave any more at all, in that area.

  14. Johanna Y.

    This laser hair remover is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Previously, I would have to shave every time I wanted to wear something that showed hair. I would have about 2 days before I would start getting some stubble. After about 1 and a half months of treatment, my hair is so sparse and less thick. Even when I have hair, my skin is so soft, because the hair has become very thin. There’s definitely some areas where it has worked better than other areas, but that’s ok. I went on vacation to Barbados for 14 days, and I didn’t even have to shave my legs once. My hairs used to be dark and thick, with sharp stubble by the next afternoon. Now my legs feels like a miracle.

  15. Leanne P.

    This Zen Ice laser hair removal device has given me excellent results, so far. I’m not a very hairy person, but the bikini zone has always been a concern area for me. I have very light skin and dark medium coarse hair, that grows out onto my upper thighs, where the lap crease line is. Waxing was so expensive and very annoying to make appointments. Also I was so sick and tired of the years and years of itching and the constant rashes, that had come with shaving, because I was doing it, every 3 days. So, I am grateful and very happy so far, with this device!

  16. Vivien C.

    This is a lovely product and delivers on its promise! I was particularly interested and excited to try this laser hair remover because shaving my legs had become such a chore that needed to be kept up, every other day to ensure my skin remained smooth. This laser hair remover has a 3-in-1 lamp head, with Ice Cooling Technology for all body areas that require hair removal. The packaging itself felt enticing and I did read through the manual a couple of times to fully understand the process of it. then I did the patch test as recommended. A day later I re-read the instructions again before my first full application. Using the laser hair remover itself isn’t noisy and it leaves a slight tingle sensation on your skin whilst emitting the light. My first attempt was easy enough but I think it was slightly rushed and I didn’t cover the surface areas accurately enough, then after researching further, I realised how close together the flashes are. Once I got the hang of it, my treatment went much better. Now I am on the 5th week and I am shocked at the nice results, which is a stunning difference, to see and feel. I am not finished yet. But, I love what I experienced up to now.

  17. Tamsin C.

    This Zen Ice laser hair remover device is beautiful. Both of us have a pale skin type and dark hairs, so we are the ideal users for this device. It may not be the same for everyone but it’s well worth the money to me for the stellar results we have experienced.

  18. Amanda W.

    My Zen laser hair remover is wonderful and I have not had any mole stinging issues that I’ve heard other people have, and I have had a few that could have been burned. I also haven’t not gotten any ingrown hairs, and am very prone to them. This laser hair remover eliminated the itching I had, usually after the shaving because of my eczema skin. The laser is not painful, because of the Ice cooling technology. It can tingle in thinner bony areas if you press the device into your skin too hard. The use of the device is pretty simple. I’m pretty thin, and have a hard time getting the laser around my bony prominences and strips of skin that cant have the device placed horizontally, because of the skin sensor that has to have skin contact, for the flash to activate. It’s a small inconvenience, but does take a little longer. The device itself makes about the same type of noise as a loud laptop, but the light is bright enough to flash across a room. You’ll need to use the protective glasses. It don’t hurt, but it’s like staring at the sun. My results on my body after 4 weeks are very pleasing to me. And I know by no means, is laser hair removal a quick fix, and know I have to keep going up to the 8th week and decide how I want to proceed for the other treatment cycles. But, I am patient and love what I see now and am very motivated to continue.

  19. Lucy R.

    I was concerned about how much it may hurt but let me just say that – if you’ve ever waxed or sugared, it don’t even come close to that. Mostly it will feel warm then cold. Some more sensitive areas can feel like being touched gently with a hot/cold pin, for a millisecond and then it’s gone. And that was doing it on the day I had started my period, which is when I’m more sensitive, without having taken an aspirin before. I did my armpits and bikini line and my lower legs. On my lower legs I really didn’t feel anything. For my sensitive area, like my armpits and bikini area, I felt it but honestly it’s nothing after about a half of a second. Even in the very tender areas, where I’d expect it. Also, I have very sensitive skin and almost anything can make me break out in a rash or pimples but I had no issues at all using it on its highest setting. No redness, no itchiness, no burning, etc. I have thick hair so I am hoping that this laser hair remover, thins it all out and reduces it down to nil and so far at week 4, I am almost there and will stop and rest after week 8, and then repeat the cycle again because of the different growth cycles of hair!

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